Jackson Powell / Production Coordinator

Every media production company needs a Jack Powell. He's the guy you call when you absolutely need something done. Jack wears many hats at HMP, but is incredibly organized and focused. He's a life-long Redskins fan and longs for a return to the glory days. Seeing that those days are a long way off, Powell has dedicated himself to handling production logistics, schedules and making sure our crews are fed on time!

Fred Terling / Writer

Fred Terling is a writer across many platforms. From newpaper staff writer to national hockey blogger, Fred works closely with Les to ensure the messaging for the website, proposals and anything else required is delivered in a way consistent with the HMG brand. His diversity also adds an element to the team as he has experience behind the camera and worked on website production since the mid-90s.

Lori Terling / Designer - Digital Media

Lori Terling has been in the design and marketing business for over 20 years. Beginning in the print media world, she evolved, as technology did, into the much more robust world of digital media. From web presence to look and feel, Lori is responsible for delivering the graphic elements and design to HMG projects. 

Haley Jordan / Associate Producer - Writer

Haley Jordan graduated with a degree in Child Psychology, so a career in television seemed a perfect fit! Actually her first exposure to the entertainment industry came as a child watching her parents perform in summer stock productions throughout the Midwest. She writes, produces and works on new media projects at HMP.

Jake Olsen / Associate Producer - Writer

Jake Olsen's no-nonsense approach to media production is very much in keeping with his Norwegian heritage. That, and the fact that he gets along with just about everyone makes Jake an exceptional Associate Producer. Jake focuses on series development and commercial production at HMP. He is the ultimate team player and his creative work is always top shelf.