The Look of Love

Here at Heintz Media Productions, video production is our focus. It's simply what we do best. We produce your concept, episodic series and manage all of the components required for this all to happen. Securing actors, voice-over talent, sets, scrips, camera, audio and all of the dozens of other considerations that need to be in place for the project to reach the editing room.


To have a series completed and in the can is the first step in getting it on-air. Think of it as having a DVD in the player, but it's not connected to anything. This is where our other service, IlluminateIC can help.

There are a dozens of things that need to happen before the series sees the light of day and broadcast audience. Advertising sponsorships need to be secured, corporate pitches made, teasers cut and of course, meeting with the broadcast network. These are just a few of the major things that need to be accomplished.

We at IlluminateIC have been in this business for decades and know how the system works. From completion to broadcast, our expertise will aid you every step of the way, even through the challenging world of targeting and marketing. Here are a few of the series we have successfully produced, marketed and aired.

Click on the links below to check out the series we have helped produce.