There’s an old adage when asked what video production will cost. The typical answer is, “how much is in your budget.” Now that’s not a blink first strategy, it’s actually an honest question.

When dealing with corporate video there are a ton of variables to consider before even starting a project. Heintz Media Productions can help to define and work through those variables. The first is purpose, of course. Will this be an investor pitch? How about a product launch? Perhaps to augment an annual meeting? There are many purposes a client will come to us for a corporate video. That, however, is merely the starting point.

To understand your company, we start at square one – understanding your marketspace. Who are the players, what are the current trends, how are other companies in the space advertising? Then we get to know your company. We feel that becoming an extension of your planning team is vital. What is your messaging and how it impacts your delivery.

This is the kind of attention to detail Heintz Media Production brings with every project. With this kind of information and relationship building, we can keep those budget costs down and yet the final product quality high.

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